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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle The Gallows
Post Content

it is the only thing in a true polar orbit, and it's stationary.

all satellites cannot pass directly over the poles as they interact with the magnetic field lines and crash.

imo it's either a grey command post, or a remnant of the orion group's energetic sustenance satellites.

surprised at trinity's reaction. this thing was found in 1960 - 53 years ago.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22888087

If it was found in 1960 is it still up there? This is the first I have ever seen of it.

If it is still up there why hasn't the alphabet agencies brought it back to earth yet?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30014435

it's not inert, it puts out radio signals. some ham guys said they deciphered it and it had starmaps.

i'm sure they'd like to bring it back, except they cannot put anything in orbit there. the only option would be to shoot at it and that is not wise.
 Quoting: The Gallows

This is interesting indeed. Do you have sources for this hearsay? Please post them. You heard it somewhere we assume. Thanks in advance.
 Quoting: Here for the moment 14554879

i had at least 10 of the hd pics from different angles on a previous pc i had. this was among the first batch of whacky internet stories i started to dig into when i first got dsl. it's been one of those stories that's pretty detailed, complete with high quality images that are seemingly legit. then the story kind of ends... though nasa has had the pics up at various times.

it being at the pole and black makes it very difficult for amateurs to picture it. i never got into ham but it might still be transmitting.

to this day flights are routed around the poles. as was stated north korea tried and failed.

i like its similarity with the romulan shit decius from star trek tng.
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