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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle arkay
Post Content
In 1953 there was another bizarre incident! On the North West coast in Morecambe a specialist in long distance TV picked up the call-sign for KLEE-TV, in Houston, Texas, USA. This was remarkable enough but further enquiry revealed this particular call sign had been out of use for over three years!

[link to www.space-2001.net]
 Quoting: World_TV_Watcher

From your above link...this...

The QE2 signal.

One of the best known of these time lapse signals was received by the luxury cruise ship the QE 2. Bound for America in 1978 the radio officer named Alan Holmes received a message in Morse code employing a procedure that was no longer used. To his astonishment Holmes found that when decoded the signal turned out to be a routine position check from the old liner the Queen Mary! Astonishing, because the gracious Atlantic veteran had long since ceased to rule the waves, and for 11 years had been a floating conference centre in Long Beach California!

Stunned and bewildered Holmes was at a loss to explain the incident which he described as a message "from another age"! His explanation: "This message could have bounced out into space more than ten years ago and just zipped around until it found its way back to Earth, and we picked it up"!

quite an unusual event and yet to be adequately explained.

Radio signals cant just "bounce around space" and reflect back, really the only practical way that this can occur is via re-transmission.

Or by moving through warped space many light years ahead,(bounced out into space more than ten years ago) of the origin of the signal so that it is again received as a destination signal or reception of the original signal, all of course the stuff of science fiction and not currently possible, though theoretically plausable.
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