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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle Ostria1
Post Content
Nope, it has to be in lower orbit to be burnt by the atmosphere/friction. The lights could be a reflection of the sun, but then again, it could be something else.

It could be a huge part of space debris, but then it's from an undisclosed secret project, or from something else.

All I can conclude it's artificial, and not the capsule of the expalnation/cover-up story by NASA.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32129936

well it doesnt look human made lol and i would believe easier if i was told it was from ussr than from the us.

(and it does look as a huge part and in the last picture it is like a lizzard or wild dog head, scary lol)

I wonder what the russians said about it. A friend of mine told me he read somewhere they destroyed it back in 1980s.
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