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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I haven't gone through all the pages on this post yet but I can't wait to tomorrow.

First off I hate when people call BS on this when these are on a nasa ftp server. I downloaded them last month via a blog post someone made which had a comment getting with a username and password to get past their locked images.

Secondly, if this is still in orbit then there are more. I say this because this shit came down out of the sky near while I was smoking on my back porch on December 6th or 7th. Call BS all you want I understand the see it to believe it stance on this sort of claim. What's even lamer and what I can't forgive myself for is that I had left my iphone in my room downstairs to charge as it was at 6% battery life and I had the BEST opportunity to snap photos of a ufo like no one has ever been able to get. I reported it on MUFON actually not long after, maybe a day.

Basically I had gone outside cuz I heard the sound of a unnecessarily low-flying plane above my home and I was just like what the hell is this nonsense? By the time I was out there there were no planes to be seen.

So I'm just sitting on the railing of my back porch smoking and I hear another plane-esque sound. I give a very unimpressed yet curious look over my left shoulder (I was facing my house feet hanging down to rest on a plastic chair). I now went from unimpressed nonchalance to wtf intrigue, as what I turned to see was what looked like the brightest, and I mean f'in bright man, headlights in the fashion of cars headlights heading my direction from the southern sky. Ok what? That was my basic sate of mind at this point. So I turn more fully so I wouldn't strain my neck any more and my heart just starts thumpin like a bass drum cuz this thing is losing altitude and bridging the gap between me and it fast fast fast. I was convinced this plane with the brightest headlights ever was going to just demolish my house.

Then as it gets to the power lines at the edge of my backyard its speed drops dramatically. Now its At tree level and I can see that this thing can turn on a time and its motions are soft and gentle like the glide of balloons. It slowly makes its way past the willow in the yard and is just chilling now like 10-15 yards away like its watching me watch it. MIND BLOWN. I'm speechless, I'm breathless, my mind is reeling, is this a drone, is this stealth, is this an abduction, am i so special as to be picked out of billions, is this benevolent or is this malevolent, i wish i had my camera.

Thousands of thoughts per second of that nature. So I told my self ok I don't have a camera but I'm going to remember every bit of this I can. So I analyzed it as best I could in the dark and i noted the beams of light were lights mounted on the front, it flew at almost a 45' angle, i couldn't exactly tell if it had wings but i thought so and if so they were quite long, i at first thought triangle shaped but then decided triangle in a sense but still just rectangle, other than the two beam lights there was a constant small red light near the top, most intriguing to me was that i distinctly noticed that bend at the top you can see in the pics and to me it made me think of a single plane wing, and finally i was certain i saw a glasslike (that is it was transparent material) place which i believed was the place of control in the middle.

This is my most basic short way to describe what happened (with no ending) I wasn't abducted and didn't make contact and I'm sad about that. I flipped the damn thing off! I had earlier had conversations about drones being used in farm land to find drug ops and thought right off the bat it was military. I'm ashamed. The week following I was searching for similar stories or images and I found these nasa photos. Maybe I'll snap a photo of my backyard and photoshop it in to give a rough idea of the size and what not. Sorry for the long winded way I have written this.
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