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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle grimloche
Post Content
The pictures would lead me to believe it was designed just because of the angles and those rudder flap things. So that rules out a piece of rock for me. On the other hand the design of it doesn't really seem to match up with the kinds of things we're building. All the pieces that get ejected into space are usually rounded shells of metal right? I've never seen a huge deformed chunk come off of a space ship. Granted I probably haven't watched every launch but even so, I don't know where on a rocket something like that would be attached.

It also looks like a different object in every picture. No two sides are alike.

I have no idea what it is. The idea I liked the most on this thread though, is that it's an ancient device to monitor or protect the earth. That's not really a stretch for my belief system. The idea that in this massive universe, someone took interest in earth and wanted to help or watch it but had other things going on doesn't sound far fetched at all.

Someone quoted a verse somewhere in this thread. Something about a guardian of the earth being activated by a blast from the sun. With all the recent solar activity covered extensively on glp, that doesn't sound ridiculous.

based on these: [link to i.imgur.com]
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