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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
You don't like parsimony?
It's a very useful intellectual tool.
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

It's a typical fallacy of the quasi-intellectual scientist who prefers easy and simplistic answers to complicated matters.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

Inventing unnecessary entities is logical now?
Why do you feel the need to insult every single scientist ever?
 Quoting: Halcyon Dayz, FCD

I don't insult every scientist ever, surely there are a lot of great ones.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

Every scientist worth their money applies Occam's Razor.
It separates the bullcrap from what we actually know.

What I do is looking through the fallacies of many scientists who pretend to be intellectual. Ppl who claim authority and think their subjective truth is the only right one.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

Which has what to do with anything?
Science is not about authority.
Scientists make fun of other scientists if those scientists make claims based on their authority alone.
All that matters are facts and logic.

For sure parsimony is a useful tool for simple scientific matters, not so for unexplained complicated matters, IMO.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

I'm getting a suspicious you don't actually know what the Razor is.

I do regard myself as a sceptic, and a real sceptic is open minded, and doesn't fall for fallacies. Every subject and situation need it's own unique approach.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

What it needs most is facts.

Kudos, although it doesn't resemble crumpled thermal foil.
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

Why not? It would explain its asymmetric and weird geometry.
Some types of thermal foil are reflective on one side and black on the other, btw.

Still, you have a good point it could be something from the Orbiter, but why doesn't NASA state and explain this?
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

They've got a million of pictures.
No time, no money, to identify everything floating around.
There's always stuff floating around.

In 2009 I mailed them about this object, not suggesting anything, but I didn't get a reply. According to NASA labeling it space debris does suffice I guess...
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

They know space debris, they made a lot of it.

PS: what does FCD mean in your username?
 Quoting: Dutch Coward 32129936

[link to friendsofdarwin.com]
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