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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle F F S
Post Content
Oh really this again, as others have pointed out there are a load of threads relating to this, most get de-railed by one thing or another.

Supposedly when Time ran the piece about it back in the 60's people were allegedly warned off the subject.

All the major services that have launched satellites have also run programs called Black Knight which does make it a little harder to try and find the relevant stuff that relates to this

As an aside, what did / does the x37b do when it went off into orbit for a year and longer than originally planned.

Did N Korea try and launch something to have a look at it and get fucked off ? Who knows

Will Never A Straight Answer ever tell what they know, doubt it. Even if it was about to destroy the world, there would be the argument about not wanting to cause panic among the populace.
Do they even have it already ?

I could go on and on
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