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Message Subject Black Knight Satellite Link From NASA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The "Black Knight" sat has been known about and up there for many years!

There are two basic choices.

a.) it's been orbiting since pre-deluvian times and is a product of a much earlier and much more advanced civilization that was flourishing on this earth sometime before 3000 BC.

b.) it was placed there by some other alien civilization perhaps to monitor radio and electro-magnetic transmissions from earth - relaying them to some distant civilization that may or may not still be in existence today.

We now know that Faster-than-light travel is entirely possible, chances are extremely high that transmission of information using entangled objects is also possible and can take place instantly across vast reaches of space and even perhaps across time.

This could also be some sort of defensive device placed in orbit by either a benevolent alien civilization or a pre-flood ultra-advanced civilization that was thriving on earth in the distant reaches of prehistory, that can and will be called upon to deflect potential collisions with comets, asteroids, etc. If that is indeed what it is - we can only hope it is still working should it ever be needed before our own tech can provide a similar level of defense against such potential world-destroying entities.
 Quoting: MarkinAZ

it must truly be hell without the certain knowledge that there is a Higher Power in play, always


if you imagine the Black Knight Satellite to be your only potential saving Grace...

then you haven't got one at all, in truth

; )
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