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Atheism and theism are just opinions

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01/20/2013 02:59 PM
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Atheism and theism are just opinions
I'm an agnostic. I realize it cannot be known by current means whether any god exists or not. God hasn't been proven or disproven. By disproven I mean it wasn't found that the universe exists so that its impossible for any god to exist. Its possible some invisible tooth fairy from another dimension exists and people thought of it because they had an intuitive idea. Science can't currently disprove that either. But the universe is so finely tuned. It is said that if the universe was different by 1 in 1*10^100 the universe wouldn't exist or have life anywhere and that there's a 1*10^10^123 percent chance that the universe could have had life on it by chance alone. So there are 2 explanations for this I can think of. Of course its irrational the universe just got nearly-infinitely lucky and made itself to exist and have life in it so that one is definitely out. 2 explanations: a god or aliens. Maybe a god does exist and did create the universe. Or maybe aliens from another universe with technologies more advanced than us in millions of years created our universe and made it so finely tuned.