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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
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Why people simply accept the ridiculous theories put forward by the academics in regards to the pyramids and other megalithic structures found on earth, in stark contrast to what there own eyes tell them, is the real mystery.

I wrote a paper many years ago as culmination of the research I had undertaken over a period of many years. I set out to prove using simple economic metrics that the modern theories were dead wrong. I also pointed out that the theory fails to account for a glaring error or defect in the actual design. If the Giza pyramid was indeed built for the burial and wealth repository of Khufu WHY did it fail in such a spectacular manner?

The coffin box has no genuine similarity to a sarcophagus, especially one which was to convey the greatness of such an extraordinary ruler. The lack of any writing on the inside of the great pyramid also begs the question of why its perfect interior walls have no ACTUAL Egyptian functions/qualities/motifs period.

The top chamber was closed from the inside by a single cord which lowered blocks preventing access. Common sense logic seems to be not a part of modern theories which twist simple facts to fit their wretched conclusions. Why would a king have a room designed to close from the inside? And if this was successful... to this very day that room would be blocked by those stones! No mention of this factor of the interior engineering is discussed by the so called experts who simply ignore any fact which does not support the fantasy they believe in and defend.

Take a simple step back and wonder how the very best proof of a "higher civilization" hmmm perhaps called "gods" in ancient times, was reduced to a laughing joke by modern man?

The film left out allot of information but it was good to see they were at least pointing out the consistent factors of these mega sites and the precise mathematical relationships these structures embodied, thereby, telling us modern man about the real makers AND their level of abilities compared to our own even today.

MY original paper has long since disappeared from the web, but I am sure eventually some one else will come along and point out, that if a theory is to hold its weight, it has to start with real facts and not modernized myths. My paper was based on the Multiplier-Effect which is quite simple and requires nothing more than basic math. For example: how many cooks are needed to feed both slaves and guards? Just to answer that simple question involves a much more significant population then has ever been postulated for good reason. Very little is known about the Khufu era, despite the glaring oddity he (and his sons) had giant pyramids in which to leave a fully illustrated history.

If a king has to expend HIS entire countries wealth to build his final resting place.... how did his sons follow in his foot-steps and oddly enough, also fail to achieve the very thing modern theories demand people to believe?

'We spent the family fortune on masons and could not hire a beggar to write our own names....'

The world is a very funny place.
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