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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This film is fundamentally misleading.

It is true that current day equipment would not be able to build the pyramids, BUT THERE IS A TECHNOLOGY THAT COULD, but has simply been forgotten about for many decades.

For years, like everyone else, I was left wondering how the pyramids were built, until one day, I suddenly realised that I could not work it out because I was asking the WRONG QUESTIONS.

Like everyone else, I kep asking...

- How did they get all that stone up to the top of mountanis in places like Delphi and the pyramids of the ancient Mayans?
- How did they move big blocks uphill, abandoning some half way up the mountainside?
- How did they manage to spread the culture and knowledge around the globe?
- How did they manage to build with such big blocks of stone?
- How did they manage to build all the ley lines in perfect aling\nment?

THis gets you NOWHERE.

The REAL QUESTIONS are the same, but start with WHY not HOW.

Once you start asking this, there is a blindingly simple answer so devastatingly obvious, that it answer everything else.
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