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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is the one technology that the ancients had that

- would need exactly these resources and positioning?
- would have made it EASIER to build on the tops of mountains instead of in the valleys
- would have made it EASIER to construct with single huge mega-tonnage blocks of stone?

A fleet of one mile long, hydrogen filled, wood-framed Zeppelins, capable of flying around the world utilising the trade winds.

- When the Germans first began constructing Zeppelins in the late 19th Century, rubber etc had not been developped chemically, so they filled their Zeppelins with huge numbers of pigs bladder's filled with hydrogen.

- The largest stones at Baalbeck is compliant with the maximum logical load on a one mile long, hydrogen filled Zeppelin.

- A few huge stones are prefereable on a Zeppelin as one does not want shifting cargo.

- Look at Stonehenge. What doe sit remind you of? ANswer...a dynamo. So, have a team of horses gallop around pulling a block with wire around it (remember, the stones of most standing circles are magnetic) and couple up to a tank of sea/marsh water and you get electrolysis, producing...hydrogen.
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