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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>>>>They used hover craft and craft similar to helicopters. The hover craft cut the huge stones from sides of mountains. The chopper like craft were antigrav craft - transponders were placed on the stones to be moved, and two choppers would control and herd multiple stones through the air to locations.
Lasers and anti grav.


This is ABSOLUTE BUNKUM. It is like saying, my hoe must have a teleportation system since I've been to Walmart to buy a can of beans.

The most powerful helicopters in the world can't lift these stones and the air is too thin for helicopters to fly in many of the mountain areas where these huge stones are found, BUT Zeppelins COULD and have flown in the 1930's.

Antigrav is STIPID RUBBISH. There is no reason for them nor even aliens had they been there to have used such things.

Cutting with lasers is also STUPID and impractical. The heat alone would have risked cracking these stones and there are no scorch marks on these stones. THere is way, a way way EASIER means.

Puma Punku is barely a couple of miles from basaltic florspar. With just some simple chemicals it would be dead easy to produce Hydroflouric Acid. This stuff is so vicious, it can't even be held in glass bottles as it'll eat straight through the glass in seconds, but COULD be held in earthenware jars.

You are clearly missing the whole point of Occam's Razor - why think up crazy complex, hight tech rubbish if it can be done simply.
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