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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>>>Nobody could do this. The people that made us put their trademark on us. That's what the message is. This stuff was cut on a Computer Program by people from the 4th Dimension. We're actors in a Computer Program. The message is their trademark. A sort of writing. It just says they made us.

...This sort of ludicrous rubbish is utterly smashing flat any sort of rational discussion and leaves GLP people tagged with "nutbar" tags.

The above is utter BUNKUM.

Since when has anyone ever left a "message" for you to help you? NEVER! THe pyramids were built to benefit THEM -t he people at the tmie.

And just what is this "4th dimension garbage>? This seems to be the work of a mind high on crack.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31649009

As wild as they may be...no need to insult someone over an opinion....
 Quoting: Dr. Charles Norris

problem is your opinons make people have to think, they can no longer just parrot what they have read.. and trust me , people dont like thinking.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32720564

How about you let "people" speak for themselves....

"YOU" dont like to think... I LOVE thinking!
 Quoting: Dr. Charles Norris

people can't think for themselves.

there are only a few on this planet that posess this ability.

you have to start all over again, a brain wipe, to have this ability.

you will not believe me, im sure.
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