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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>Where are the Zeppelin factories?

Yes, I have!

It makes no sense for the Mayans etc to have built temples in the mountains with almost no roads from the outside world to them other than tiny, narrow footpaths where landslides, even today, regularly sweep away Belgian tourists to their doom and yet spend a fortune in time and effort building a nearly precisely one mile super-wide paved road way dead straight through the centre of their temple complexes.

Such a road would have provided the precisely perfect conditions for the construction of a one-mile long zeppelin.

besides this, it is worth considering that at ever major city in the world, a key symbol of power has been the possessiono of a obelisk. Why? SImple, if you want to stop a Zeppelin, you would need to tie it up to something more substantial that a tree.

Now consider, the Zeppelins flying a worldwide route would provide goods and producs never seen elsewhere. So, an obelisk would have been a prized possession for any civilizaiotn as this is where the Zeppelin would be coming in with all the goods and trade.

Furthermore, consider, Lake Titicaca has fish and other animals normally associated with ocean life although it is several miles above sea level. Just how did these oceanic fish get there? Answer- just consider the crew on a long haul voyage with nothing much to eat but fish. As they head in they need to clear the decks of trash and are happy to throw thefood remains overboard, the same way that jetliners do, dumping frozen blocks of urine out of their holds before they land. But, occasionally, one of those fish or some of one of those fishes eggs manages to survive and falls in the Lake as they dump the fish and food remains in the lake.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31649009

OK...I'll bite.

Why is it that EVERY modern zeppelin I've seen travels VERY SLOW...wouldn't it take a giant FLEET of zeppelins to accomplish these feats in a reasonable time frame?

Who provided the air-traffic control? Zepplins can't fly in bad weather...one good bolt of lightning/static shock...nuke
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