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Message Subject The Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids......
Poster Handle Sir France's Beercan
Post Content

No you can't be serious.
 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

I dont get what you are saying?

are you saying a fleet of zeppelins built the pyramids?

crazy..... do you have any proof/evidence to back up this theory?

Links? Books? Movies?

I'm interested to read about your zeppelin theory!
 Quoting: Dr. Charles Norris

 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

now you're just trolling me....

can you give me an honest answer?
 Quoting: Dr. Charles Norris

To be candid, you should re-read my my original reply to ac. from Canada. I believe, in all seriousness, that explains my opinion regarding this subject.
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