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Message Subject School tells mom to get Breast Reduction for Daughter, 13
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
The parents have every right to be outraged. Frankly an all girls school might be a good idea for a year or two until she's used to having such ample breasts, etc. But the school has a responsibility to stop the bullying and harassment. A breast reduction is MAJOR surgery - much more complicated and far more dangerous than a simple set of implants being placed is.

To force such a surgery on a child - long before she can decide for herself whether it's a good idea or not - after knowing the risks, scaring, possible complications, etc., is nothing short of criminal.

This kid doesn't need such a traumatic surgery even considered until she can legally decide for herself. What she does need is a vastly better school and school administrators. This girl doesn't have a defect or a congenital problem. She simply has early development of breasts! Nothing more!

Far too many male children are not breast fed today and wind up longing all their lives for the breast they never got as a baby. This can manifest in all kinds of idiotic behavior when they're discovering their own buddinig sexual feelings fo rthe first couple of months.
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