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Message Subject Piers Morgan OWNED again by Ben Shapiro
Poster Handle Saddletramp
Post Content
My only knock on Shapiro stance (Aside from his placations on Mental Health) was that he wasn't well versed on Reagan's stance either, the left is holding up this letter from Reagan, but what people need to realize is the definitions of "Assault Weapons" has changed DRAMATICALLY from the 1980's and even early 90's. When you were talking "Assault Weapons" in the 1980's, you were talking fully automatic, sometimes with grenade launchers attached...

In 1994 that changed to include some "Semi-Automatics" that were hardly more than asthetically different from a lot of "Deer" Rifles that weren't included in that Ban...

Since the political definition of what an "Assault Weapon" is has changed so much over the years, it's hardly fair to lump Reagan into the same camp as the people we're fighting today...
 Quoting: Saddletramp

we are expected to throw rocks from our roofs when thieves break in to randsack and rape with the illegal weapons freely on tap.... that is what you can look forward to if this goes further.....

 Quoting: Citizenperth


Citizen ownership of guns is a National Security issue, read why Japan never tried to invade our mainland during WWII...they knew that shit wouldn't fly.

Today, because the Government is SO afraid of us, they're trying to turn the National Security issue around on the people...

It show's a Government that knows damn good and well it's not legal and lawful, and they're getting very afraid the 100th monkey is about to learn the lesson...
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