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Message Subject Piers Morgan OWNED again by Ben Shapiro
Poster Handle l3ol3o
Post Content
This is the one guy who can actually put up a solid argument against Peirs. Peirs got owned and you could tell he was rattled toward the end. Ben stayed cool as a polar bears toenail.

Two things that Ben pointed out that are absolute truths.

The first is how Piers couldn't answer him about banning handguns. This is because the left does want to ban all guns. Look at some leftist forums. You will constantly see things like "I don't see any reason why anyone would need to own a gun." The leftists know that they will never be able to appeal the 2nd amendment so they pretend like they support it. If given the chance though they would certainly ban all types of guns as proved by Peir's in this video.

The second is Ben's answer as to why "assault rifles" are needed. If you do go back and read what the founding fathers were thinking, it's clear they saw the danger of a "Hitler" type rising to power. Guns are part of the checks and balance system. Liberals always laugh at this idea like it's not possible and seem to think if there is a rebellion, the rebels will be crushed by modern weapons. They assume that 100% of the military will stay loyal to the government though. If there was a real rebellion expect a huge split in the military.

There is also the possibility that SHTF and everything goes to hell. Don't tell me you wouldn't want a good gun then. I know a lot of people on GLP own guns for this reason.
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