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Message Subject Piers Morgan OWNED again by Ben Shapiro
Poster Handle Mama Piers
Post Content
I don't care or know anything about Piers. I watched the video. I can't believe how many times he would ask a question then when the guest would try to answer, Piers would then interrupt. I mean it was constant. How about Piers act like a professional and let the guest answer for once.

I didn't like how Piers referred the book as " Your little book". Its called the constitution and what our Country is founded on.

I noticed Piers kept asking " Why do you need ". It has nothing to do about NEED. The 2nd amendment can't not be debated or changed or INFRINGED! If someone wants << a certain type of gun, it is their RIGHT to have it, period!

You can still work under background checks etc, so someone with mental illness or criminal record isn't running around with a gun.

Someone really needs to express it very serious to Piers. This is not the U.K. If you want to come to the U.S.A. and be a guest here, then its no problem with me. But to come here and try to debate and air it nightly on CNN on how you don't agree with our country's 2nd amendment. And want to change our constitution by infringing on our 2nd amendment right nightly, is beyond acceptable and in poor taste.
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