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Message Subject Piers Morgan OWNED again by Ben Shapiro
Poster Handle James von Brunne
Post Content

got owned bitch..

go back to limey land
 Quoting: Skin Suit

Why is it when you lot say Piers got owned, he actually made the interviewee tongue tied in the questioning? meaning they were stumbling upon something to say.

This gun fiasco leads me to believe the average American has a very low I.Q and doesn't deserve to be part of a superpower.

Go on blow yourselves to bits! See if I care retards.

We use fists you pansies. You bumboys and turd burglars.
 Quoting: morbid notions 25960283

uh....."fists"?.....yeh.....like that's gunna work for, say, the elderly, the infirm, the single mum and the young teenage girl against a bunch of armed thugs....most likely a bunch of armed, psycho NOG thugs, eh?!?

you got SHITe for brains, champ!

 Quoting: James von Brunne

It is very rare we get armed thugs over here because guns are hard to get. The elderly and infirm would have a job at firing a gun. Can you get that? I know a firearm in your pocket gives you a hard-on. BIG BOY! The more sweets on the market the fatter people get.
 Quoting: morbid notions 25960283

uh.....no!!.....i don't "get" it, drongo!

firstly: youse have got a thermo-nuclear explosion in armed, violent, non-white thugs (just like we have here in 0zz !)....and.....a few white ones, too!!....don't try & deny it, you prick!

[link to gunfacts.info] ;

oh....BTW....i hear that vrs UK cop jurisdictions are oiking dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of high-powered, ILLEGAL fire-arms off the streets on a monthly basis.....and....i'm talkin' abt AK-47s, UZIs, MAC-10s...take yr fckn pick(s), eh?!?

a mystery, itz, eh, u MI-5 wanker ?!?

as for the elderly and the infirm......wtf r u, cunt, eh?

a total fckn cretin, eh?

there's plenty of fire-arms that the elderly and the infirm would be quite capable of using....even, BTW, an AR-15.....which has quite low recoil and an easy cock 'n' lock action!.....just abt any "22"-clbr s/a rifle with, say, a 15-rnd clip would also work....if loaded up with "22"-clbr mini-mags for extra stopping power.....FCK!!....even, say, a semi-auto 20g shottie....reasonable stopping power....low recoil.....easy to use!

(i'm not including hand-guns because, generally, they take quite a while to 'master'and are only accurate over short distances)

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