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Message Subject 5 minutes sums up the calamity of Fukushima... still ongoing folks....
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it makes me wonder when people take the time to notice these 'changes' that reports will slowly head in...
 Quoting: Citizenperth

what really freaks me out is that all our veggies in the usa come from central california. i'm in so cal and getting mutations.
2011 they said not to eat strawberries or spinich or dairy products from california, but nothing now.
i honestly only buy veggies/fruit from mexico now because im in cali. i still can't believe my little garden has mutated!
i always check radiation station in santa monica(close to my house) and it really hasn't gone up much here since the begining of fuku. i remeber before fuku the "alert level"
was 60(now it's 100). ive seen it way above 60, like 900, in differnt parts of the usa, but not here in so cal. and if im having mutations at 40-60, i wonder what's happening in those areas.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18380705


 Quoting: Citizenperth

this is buttercup,btw.
too lazy to log in. :)
please keep up the info, so im not the only crazy in so cal spoutin off.
if you know the real deal in so cal, please do tell...
can you message me? i want to sent you my mutation photos.
mabey you can help me show whats really going on here in so cal. i know you've been on glp a while, me too. i'm kind of afraid to just "put them out there", ya know? if you work w fuku dude, i want to work w you too.
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