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Message Subject 5 minutes sums up the calamity of Fukushima... still ongoing folks....
Poster Handle Nancy (Lazaryan) Hutchison
Post Content
We are working on it. Currently on the southern coast of Oregon.

A scientist in Southern California (who has been monitoring with his Geiger counter before and after Fukushima) informed us that the radiation levels in So Cal had more than doubled after Fukushima. And remained at this level, until we arrived on the coast with our equipment. About two weeks after we arrived, he called and told us the radiation levels in his area had dropped to pre-Fukushima levels.

We are building a shield. John Hutchison worked on the Reagan Star Wars project, so he does know how to do this. However, we do not know how far the shield extends. Need help in testing and analyzing.

Lots of information here, (including test results) on the website of the nonprofit we set up:

youtube video here:
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