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Message Subject 5 minutes sums up the calamity of Fukushima... still ongoing folks....
Poster Handle Eagle # 1
Post Content
'Dear Black Clax' ..... " How long before mass sickness will be reported ?"

It ALREADY HAS ..... BUT , NOT RECOGNIZED 'officially' for what it IS !

They are 'calling it the flu'; But this IS one of the first signs that the CUMULATIVE DOSE of absorbed radiation has passed 50Rems/Rads in the human body AND, that the immune system HAS BEEN compromised ! You eat, drink and breath it in EVERY DAY ! BUT, as you feel NOTHING, you DO NOTHING !

After 20 years of NO inoculations, NO FLU, I have 'it' now, and it is NOT getting better. Reason I know it is NOT the flu... NO FEVER ! And there is no 'sweating it out' to raise body temperature so white blood cells can attack/eat the virus.

PLUS, the radiation count of GAMMA RAYS has gone UP, as shown by my meter/counter that ONLY READS GAMMA, here in CT, USA ! It has also gone UP in the Stop and Shop milk. When your limit EXCEEDS 50 rads, YOU will know it too!

There is a list of foods, vitamins and minerals one can take to purge some from the body; interfere with uptake, or block uptake, done by Emerald Eye in April/May of 2011. It was titles "Radiation Protection" and I have done SOME of the vitamin and mineral parts, but only about 40% of what should have been done. Next 'symptoms' will be Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, weight loss, Loss of appetite,' red itchy skin, sore throat/mouth, hair loss, recurring infections ( from compromised immune system ), bleeding (gums) and anemia.
What with being 85, and Obummer in control, I am ready to give up anyhow, except that I want to continue to help my children and grandchildren TRY and gets through this.

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