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Message Subject 5 minutes sums up the calamity of Fukushima... still ongoing folks....
Poster Handle ehecatl
Post Content
'Dear Black Clax' ..... " How long before mass sickness will be reported ?"

It ALREADY HAS ..... BUT , NOT RECOGNIZED 'officially' for what it IS !

They are 'calling it the flu'; But this IS one of the first signs that the CUMULATIVE DOSE of absorbed radiation has passed 50Rems/Rads in the human body AND, that the immune system HAS BEEN compromised ! You eat, drink and breath it in EVERY DAY ! BUT, as you feel NOTHING, you DO NOTHING !

After 20 years of NO inoculations, NO FLU, I have 'it' now, and it is NOT getting better. Reason I know it is NOT the flu... NO FEVER ! And there is no 'sweating it out' to raise body temperature so white blood cells can attack/eat the virus.

PLUS, the radiation count of GAMMA RAYS has gone UP, as shown by my meter/counter that ONLY READS GAMMA, here in CT, USA ! It has also gone UP in the Stop and Shop milk. When your limit EXCEEDS 50 rads, YOU will know it too!

There is a list of foods, vitamins and minerals one can take to purge some from the body; interfere with uptake, or block uptake, done by Emerald Eye in April/May of 2011. It was titles "Radiation Protection" and I have done SOME of the vitamin and mineral parts, but only about 40% of what should have been done. Next 'symptoms' will be Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, weight loss, Loss of appetite,' red itchy skin, sore throat/mouth, hair loss, recurring infections ( from compromised immune system ), bleeding (gums) and anemia.
What with being 85, and Obummer in control, I am ready to give up anyhow, except that I want to continue to help my children and grandchildren TRY and gets through this.

 Quoting: Eagle # 1 31897366

Once there is a detectable difference in simple radiation levels as measured on geiger counters, and if that increased radiation is due to fallout, like cesium, etc, then in all likelihood there has already occurred an excessive increase of health risk, in terms of absorption of isotopes.

One can be living in a region with unhealthy levels of isotopes (in terms of statistical long-term harm) that are too high, long before it will become obvious as radiation as measured on geiger counters, and years before it will become apparent in excess cancer, infertility, and birth defect rates. These effects are time-delayed.

This threat should be studied in terms of spectrographic evidence first, rather than simple radiation levels.
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