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Message Subject survival camping
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Arizona, with the number of people who now live there, is NOT a good place for survival camping if TSHTF.


WATER!! or rather the lack thereof.

Within a couple of weeks of water no longer being delivered by Arizona's sophisticated water transfer technology EVERY cactus and hand pumpable well within easy driving distance of the big cities WILL have been tapped for water, and every flowing stream will be stressed by both water withdrawals AND human sewage getting into them and polluting them.

WATER is more important than food ... and in the desert climates will be much more important, at least initially (until a huge die off occures from lack of water).

Densly populated DRY areas (those without large surface water resources) should be avoided like the plague if one is trying to survive using survival camping techniques.

Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and parts of California could be as bad off as Arizona, though of those states Utah would probably fare the best because the Mormon Church will step in to assist or even substitute for the government if a real crisis were to occure there.

Remember NO ELECTRICITY ... then MOST high volume water delivery systems are SHUT DOWN!! (NYC is the one large city exception - it is a gravity flow system for water up to about the 10th floor of most buildings as well as all street level fire hydrants)
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