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superbowl sinkhole disaster?

someone of I am
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United States
01/21/2013 02:14 AM
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superbowl sinkhole disaster?
This is a conspiracy I feel people are afraid to speak about. Especially after the London Olympics flop..
However I feel this could be something to watch out for. Because for some reason I tend to think if people are aware to certain peices of the agenda then they cannot permit them..
There's a few videos you can find on YouTube of this conspiracy but in short telling it comes down to.
The superbowl taking place in New Orleans Louisiana is pretty close to that giant methane/ butane/ oil sinkhole.. Which could basically be called a Time Bomb, anyways theres abunch of propaganda leading to these theories. Which are, in the New Batman youll see the word sandy hook in certain places and no I dont disagree with that, for I noticed before the shootings took place.. In my mind it was just a word on a map that I noticed at a flashing glimpse. See when I watched that movie, I watched it with a symbolical point of view naturally, because even in the comics.. Batman is an eccentric billionaire, meaning hes one of the tope 1% in Americas income ratings..
So even in the dark comics such as the dark knight returns or rises series it touches many times on symbology.. Mainly his foes, as in each one represents a natural demon any man must face in life, and to become illuminated is to realize these demons and side exist..
The comics in the dark knight series are very disturbing and I do not recommend it for someone with a feeble mind.
So naturally as a fan, conspiracy theorist, and student to understanding the secret history. I watched this new one very closely, and symbolically.
I have found in questionable: when bane first introduces anarchy he starts with a sinkhole under the stadium. Aswell aswell as blowing theitse bridges.. Well New orleans is right next to this massive bomb, and New orleans itself is connected to the state only through bridges...

Also anew conspiracy I need help stopping..
There propagandizing us to place similarities on Obama with Linkin, and M.L.K ..
Many times you will hear of how his political career is identical to Linkins and even going so far to have spielberg release a movie to remind us..
And M.L.K as far as swearing in on his Bible Today and other similarities..

I believe there planning an assass attempt soon, and trying to condition our minds for when it does..

If they did... And he lived....
The gun nazis will be out for blood...

Who knows just ideas now..

User ID: 30617504
United States
01/23/2013 01:50 PM
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Re: superbowl sinkhole disaster?
[link to www.youtube.com]

this was made prior to sinkhole, reading pictures in a secret language. odd that if it cme true...that would be the plan!