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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The feds are cracking down on anom.
 Quoting: snook

u expect us to belive this crap ? it is clear for all long tearm users of this site that this sit is clearly eddited
and butchered by people that are not the owner ? i have been a user of this site for maney years and it was bursting at the
seams with new info being posted but now the info is scaving
and few and far between ,it seems that things are taken down
within seconds and that would point to someone else running this site. is it not funny that they would come and take the very owner of this site ? he would not be anonymous as he is the owner ? rite ?im sorry mr owner but why u ? why hold u for a week and not do anything with you or kill you. this is nothing more than self indorcment.
most of the stuff posted is just crap,what happened to the mountens of info ? it is my opinion that this site is now run solely by the government as we only get the same info and storys as cnn,fox ect,so it would indecate that this sit is dead. mr owner can u please show us evedence of u being reported missing by your family i.e was it reported to police
i find it hard to belive that as your the owner ov this site
that we did not here of this untill your so called return, it seems hard to belive that the owner of a conspicy web site goes missing for a week and speckulation about this did not regester any where on any site untill you brung it up after your safe return and not by your family or work colleags. i would expect this story to have gone viral as it was the owner of this site missing.
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