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considering your posting from romania.. im curious as to why you know so much about israel, what is your source, can we all read?
 Quoting: alongtimehere

I have no source, but one thing was very obvious back in November, Anonymous bit off more then they could chew when they attacked Israeli government servers and exposed IDF officers' private information just because they didn't agree with what was happening in Gaza !

By anonymous' views Israel had to continue to sit around and take the endless rocket barrage thrown at its cities for months and years without doing nothing...and when the IAF started bombing the shit out of Hamas, anonymous intervened like a night in shining armor !

Well, now they're gonna pay dearly for what they did, cos once you're in Mossad's sights, there are very few places on the planet you can hide in, they'll find you even if you hide in the Mariana trench or on top of Mt. Everest...it's just a matter of time !
 Quoting: subzero86

If you are not speaking officially on behalf of Mossad, it might be wise to keep your mouth shut.

If you are speaking officially on behalf of Mossad...the days of Mossad's threats and crimes against humanity have come to an end.

This is not Mossad's earth. Never was and never will be.

How is that for a price to pay?
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