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Message Subject Lupe Fiasco kicked off Obama inaugural stage for "Words I Never Said" lyrics. People waking up!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

[link to dailycaller.com]

I had listened to this song before.

To me Lupe fiasco is one of the only rappers to not sign over his soul to the devil. The video actually enhances the meaning with 9/11, Obama, bush, the wars, and most importantly remaining silent.

People are begging him to help awaken the sheep.

I think that may just happen...

 Quoting: eyeDR3

you obviously dont listen to much rap...the roots exposed the system a long ass time ago...if you start there you will see why some black folk act the way they do...they know the government is a sham...its something they learned by READING in jail...and its spread out thru the music and thru the HIP HOP CULTURE...thats why its call HIP HOP and rappers...because of the RAP SHEETS...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19716746

Well I wish truth would translate words and Big Gulp entertainment into action for once.

"Waking up the sheep" why not absolve oneself of that childish pointless notion of a task and do something for real for yourself, for everybody. Because I wish we'd all grow up beyond being a "group". There are already too many blasted group definitions to bore us. Truth includes everybody.
And if we insist on minority it is that .0000000001% that seems to have a penchant for holding everybody hostage, no betrayal too great.

Still isn't actual COURAGE. (just words)
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