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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30307430
I'm sure you mean well, but if the goal is to convince people to protect the unborn, then you should think how to best persuade people by careful use of language. Titles like that alienate the people you're trying to reach.

Many women have had an abortion. As such, all you are doing is immediately putting condemnation upon them. Instead you could create a topic like, "Come see what a baby in utero using a ultrasound scan. Or look at the marvelous beauty of babies while gestating." Then it's an opportunity to help someone who's suffering with guilt, maybe isn't saved, who made a terrible choice due to rape or incest, etc.

Isn't that your goal? To lead people to Christ? That's very hard to do when in their face. I hope you reconsider your strategy. It makes ministering to the nonbeliever very hard when you do it this way.
Anonymous Coward 30307430

I respect your opinion, but I don't believe candy coating the issue is helpful. There is freedom from condemnation in Jesus.

It's not candy coating. It's winning the most souls because of the Great Commission. If we yell at people, very few will be saved. Even the saved ones will likely backslide. That's not a great way to bring people to Christ.

Realize they've been raised to think that a fetus isn't human. When you title like you did, they immediate pideon hole you into a box of a "fundamentalist Christian". You can present the Gospel better that you did, and offer precisely the same information.

That's the difference between yelling and saving.

Think back, there were few times that Yeshua yelled at the crowd. He did yell "You brood of vipers!" at the hypocrisy of religious people. Pray about it, and ask for the Holy Spirit to make you an effective ambassador for Jesus. I hope you do that, because I know you'll bring more people that way to the Kingdom.

People have to be called by God, and that happens when people recognize that they're afraid of their sin being revealed under the Light of God's Word. If you make them afraid, they'll stay away. If you preach forgiveness and sins and redemption by the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, then you give them a way. If you put their sin in their face, they recoil. Don't you want them to seek forgiveness instead?
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