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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
Abortion is not a safe procedure.

It's one in which damage is done to the body and results in scar tissue and potential infertility.

It results in mental strain sometimes PTSD and long lasting guilt.

It results in spirtual harm to the Soul.

Don't kid yourself. The abortionist is charging $500. There's very little margin for error and minimal medical protection. That's why it's cheap. The time you're cared for is minimal, and so many women don't notice that they're having medical issues. Later they're having trouble coping.

This is not a judgement issue. It's a compassionate issue of caring for the patient and protecting them as ethically as possible.

Because of the horrific way it's done, the callous way the women are treated, the lack of follow up, the long term dangers for infertility, we need to look at abortion and make it safer. It needs to be compassionate.

I would rather no abortions would happen because every child was healthy and came into the world wanted. Until that happens, we need to be considerate and ethical are protect women by giving them the best care possible.
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