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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
The honest real lasting effects of abortion
[link to www.psychologytoday.com]

"Symptoms of PASS may include any of the following:

Guilt: Experiencing guilt does not imply that you made a mistake or “violated your own moral code,” as some pro-lifers would imply. However, feelings around having an abortion may be complex and have to take into account fear of what others might think.
Anxiety: General anxiety is a common symptom of PTSD—in the case of PASS, there might be a particular anxiety over fertility issues and the ability to get pregnant again.
Numbness, Depression: Again, common symptoms of PTSD.
Flashbacks: Abortion is surgery, and in most cases, it’s surgery that happens while the patient is fully conscious. This can be a distressing experience.
Suicidal thoughts: In extreme cases, the PTSD that results from a controversial abortion could lead to suicidal thoughts or tendencies and would require immediate treatment. It’s important to note that this is not a common or expected symptom of PASS, but as with any form of PTSD, it is possible."

A lot of people like to brush off the fact that some women have PTSD after an abortion. Of course they do. It was an enormously difficult decision. The fact that they struggled to do it, and wrestled with it, isn't that an indication of the morality of it? Is it the fact that the methods are barbaric? Is it the shame and guilt that women suffer in silence?

Some will argue it's not a problem. I assure it's a very real medical issue. This isn't about judgement. It's about finding medical ways to help prevent PTSD.

Arguing about the term post-abortion stress syndrome is a moot point. It doesn't matter about the term. What matters is trying to prevent unnecessary abortions, making them more compassionate, making better birth control, giving women better nutrition, better dental care, preventing birth defects, and on and on.

Let's not be silent and make women suffer through shame. Let's help them to cope.

If a Christian, counseling them to help them in the decision process, and offering assistance by whatever needs can be created will help women who are struggling. Then if a decision is made for adoption, many couples could raise the child and help the mother with medical bills.

Let's minimize PTSD among pregnant moms.
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