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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
How about you create a world where 25,000 children a day do not die of starvation (and the like) first? To bring a child into a place where they are not given the best is cruelty at it's worst. As far as God is concerned both mother and child and father will be reunited as some point, what He is concerned about is the names being in the book of life and that is done at conception so an abortion has no effect on that aspect of 'morality'. Admitting you cannot do something is less of a crime that trying to raise a child and fucking it up.
 Quoting: MHz

In a perfect world, we could feed all children. We live in a world of nations. Not all people in those nations have self-determination. We can't foist our belief systems on another nation. Christians can't do it because of Free Will. We can only persuade and influence them.

In our nation, in my nation, we should do more about children being hungry. I agree wholeheartedly.

I also think we should care for all children, including the unborn. They are not mutually exclusive goals.

A lot of people will never make good parents. We make laws still to protect children.
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