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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am not a woman. It is non of my buisness. That is something for them to answer for. We have no right telling poeple what they can or can not do with there own bodies.

If you dont like abortions, then dont get one.
 Quoting: Upheval

If you don't like pedophilia then don't be one. You have no right to tell someone what they can do with their own body.

Doesn't seem to work does it? Why does it only work when it comes to murdering defenseless preborn human beings?
 Quoting: samanthasunflower

Nice try again but your logic doesn't work. So I blasted my load down this chick’s throat last night. I murdered billions of potential children when she swallowed. All those defenseless potential children.
 Quoting: Upheval

I know you're intelligent from the way you logically write. Aren't you embarrassed to write that above?

Let's logically look at what you said. You're comparing apples to oranges. Sperm is not potential children. If you know anything about biology, you know that's an impossibility strictly from a lack of genetic material. But you're just being facitious.

A zygote and more complex cellular division of a fetus is an unborn human being though.

You argument is not credible.
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

So it's a clump of cells probably no bigger than a sperm or egg, the only difference is its diploid. Would hardly call it murder at that stage, though I could understand for later term babies.
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