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Message Subject Abortion is murder. Period.
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
So a recap...

1) not about killing something that is just a cluster of cells
2) Happens in very high numbers in the USA
3) Is disproportionate among minorities (and probably a result of poverty)
4) Happens when there is nervous development in the fetus even at 4 weeks
5) Human beings have Natural Rights in the USA at birth
6) The Hippocratic Oath forbids doing harm to the patient
7) Both the unborn baby and the mother are harmed by an abortion
8) Abortion is big business in the USA resulting in hundreds of millions to Planned Parenthood alone
9) Abortion seems to be murder from a study of Scripture
10) The methods of abortion are worse than anything we would do to a criminal, and yet it's occuring to a child.
11) Many abortions happen from mutagens(toxins), bad diet, and infection.

What is the real issue? It's not that a fetus is a human.

It's that abortion is a necessary evil to a corrupt society. Abortion has happened as early as the ancient Greeks. We know that from medical accounts.

Abortion will happen whether legal or not. It did throughout history.

As awful as it is, since Christians don't control nations, only influence them, we have to compromise to get the number lower.

Atheists want to have legal means of abortion. This means they will try to create laws to protect it.

Let's not lie to ourselves as intellectuals and think there isn't a cost to us for having that guarantee. Or lie and say it's not a human being.
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