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Message Subject US Sides with Japan on Disputed Islands: Beijing says its a betrayal, orders troops combat ready, could cash in on US debt for equity
Poster Handle Dexter Livingstone
Post Content
I must admit a curiosity in the possibility....

Would China use the contested islands as a ramping up strategy with a "Tough Test" of China VS US weapons?

Just how reliable and lethal are the Chinese aircraft anyway?

A very short war of even a few days or even a few hours could provide valuable capabilities estimates to gage a clash of titans.

Let's say a flash war resulted in:
(1) AIR: 6 US designed aircraft lost with no Chinese losses.
(2) SEA: Japan loses 4 ships in a naval clash and looses 10 submarines in a daylight air raid on the submarine pens. China looses no ships or submarines.
(3) LAND: Japanese remaining nuclear power plants damaged by high altitude bunker busters in fears of Japanese emerging capabilities to forge nuclear weapons.
(4) SPACE: 4 US/Japanese strategic satellites destroyed by Chinese surface-to-space weapons.

-US debt crisis.
-Africa resources.
-US civil war over the "Go for the guns!"
-Chinese/Mexican military assistance to Texas and other like minded States seeking independence.

Things are a changing...

Thread: Press Release: FORMATION OF THE GREATER STATES MILITIA ORGANIZATION by the the authority of the United States of America Constitution
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