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Message Subject Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Poster Handle crthead
Post Content
There is so much coming out about the shooting that does not get mentioned at all, that it becomes a tragedy itself. Some of the biggest questions that are facts, such as the car that was parked outside being registered not to Adam Lanza, or his mother, or anyone else in the family, friends etc, but to a convicted felon?

The weapon that they claimed he used being found in the trunk of the car after the shooting?

How do you explain the memorial websites posted with timestamps that were 3 days before the shooting, can you please debunk that?

How about the obviously photo-shopped pictures of the Parker family that have been circulating?

Where were the ambulances to treat possible victims? From what I can see they were blocked from responding. First responders were not allowed entry. Were any children taken to the hospital to possibly save their lives? We all should be raising questions about this. The children remained in the school overnight? WTF!!!! What if one or even two had survived for just a few hours and died? My god people, wake up and stop bickering about videos of people grieving or not. The real issues are these. From what I understand there is nothing being done as far as a REAL investigation.

I'm sure others can add credible evidence pointing to a NEED to investigate further, whether you want to label it conspiracy or not, there are some REAL questions that NEED to be answered.
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