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Message Subject Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"Why arenít the adults sadder?" The answer Salon gives is 'reasonable', but if I'd lost one of my children I would be inconsolable and I'd show it. The 'stiff upper lip' is not for me, but hey, other people may be different but the lack of tears and the 'getting into character' are suspicious to say the least.

"What about Emilie?" Again, Salon's answer is reasonable. Anybody with children will usually pass down clothes and siblings do tend to look alike. However, on the photoshopped photo, I think the person who created the video gave a very reasonable explanation. As to Salon saying no reason was given as to why the picture was photoshopped, well, we don't know and to speculate would be entering into conspiracy theory, would it not?

"What about the rifle" I can't comment on this having only ever once fired a .22 rifle. But why do they not address the conflicting reports of Lanza having 'two handguns' then two handguns and a rifle, then four handguns? The media is definitely to blame for this one along with all the other disinfo they pushed out on that day. (And they wonder why people ask questions?)

"How come the memorial pages were created before the shooting?" Their answer regarding Google is something I didn't know. But there were tweets as well, can time stamps be altered on tweets? I don't know and they didn't ask.

"But how was the dead principal quoted?" They say the Bee apologized because a woman claiming to be the principle spoke to them. So if it wasn't the principle, who was it and why won't they tell us?

The other answers are 'reasonable' but once again they are expecting people to take their word for it. I don't know what really went on at Sandy Hook School but there are a lot of inconsistencies and to ignore them and take the word of the media, given all the disinfo they pumped out, would be betraying the victims, in my opinion. I remember Dunblane and all the unanswered questions there plus the sealing of the records for 100 years. If that does not suggest somebody had something to hide, nothing will.
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