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Message Subject Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some of these videos I would watch, but not if they are going to waste my time. I watched the Gene Rosen and it was all it was debunking that it's wrong to not like gene for being wanting attention and he was a SAG actor, but that is never something I believed in so it was pointless. They didn't address why Gene took in children who just witnessed a murder and never seemed to have phoned the police, which I imagine law would require.

I think lots of "debunkers" are just really naive and gullible, putting all their faith into mainstream media versions of stories. They have a fragile world view and it scares them that there might be more corruption in this world than they've imagined. They aren't willing to consider that mainstream media could be lying to them and they do not seem to be aware of the way in which money and power operates in this world, using media or even 'scientific studies" to deceive, to be frank.

I started watching the longer video, but the guy was trying to excuse the initial conflicting stories by acting as if that is normal and typical, for instance. But, no. That level if misreporting is not typical at all. They were reporting a dead brother, dead father, missing girlfriend, the wrong name to the shooter, the mother as a kindergarten teacher, quotations from a dead principal...and on and on. Honestly, it behooves the media to go out of it's way, at that point, to explain themselves and how so many mistakes occurred and bring some clarity to the situation. They did not do this.
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