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Message Subject Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are more holes in the Salon article than swiss cheese.

What about the school nurse?
What about Lanza'a mother 'the kindergarten teacher'
What about CCTV footage?
What about the concussion, hearing loss, and disorientation from 165 decibels from each shot?
What about the missing photos/videos of fleeing kids?
What about Lanza, to fire hundreds of rounds, needing to carry in excess of his own body weight of ammo?

That is for starters.

Salon is a George Soros front = Shills
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32643142

Even this list doesn't come close to covering the real anomalies. Here are a few:

1. Coroner says all victims killed with "the long one" referring to rifle or shotgun. "The long one" was found in the trunk of a car after Lanza was dead.

2. Early reports says "two or three shooters". Two men chased through the woods. One ends up sitting in the *front seat* of a police car. Neither is referenced again in any news reports or police announcements.

3. Parents not allowed to see children's bodies.

4. Several internet references to the event on web pages dated prior to the event.

5. Adam Lanza's social security death index giving his date of death prior to the event.

6. Adam Lanza was mistaken for his brother Ryan supposedly because he was carrying Ryan's id. Yet Ryan claims to have not seen Adam for several years. Ok, maybe it was an expired ID.

7. Police found Lanza car with all four doors open. Really? Would a single shooter need to open all four doors to get his stuff? Well, maybe.

8. A car left the parking lot just as police were arriving. What parent or teacher would be driving away from this horror scene just as help was arriving?

9. No photos of scene have been provided, even relatively innocuous stuff like the shot-out front door.

10. The school's video security system was destroyed. If Adam Lanza was filled with rage and on the point of killing himself, why would he go to the extra trouble of destroying the video system?

11. Adam Lanza's computers at home were destroyed. If Adam Lanza was filled with rage and wanted to make some kind of "point" then why would he destroy his own records?
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