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Message Subject Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

What your post does not address is the many many "hard" facts that do not add up in this case.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6493463

You ignored the link which has more info (you know, you can't post whole articles here). You can also go to S-n-o-p-e-s for more, and the videos for more. And what is funny is that these are "easily debunked" but the ones that started "it's a conspiracy" and the ones most spread about.

The "hard" stuff is often things like "contradictions in story" which happens for any major incident which happens and witnesses are called in. This is basic stuff. Seriously, the sad thing is - conspiracy theorists often forget they believed the bs which got them to believe it is a conspiracy and then ignore that they changed their own stories over time.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32715766

Actually I agree with you and understand that the "fog of war" applies to any emerging horror scene. Things are confusing at the time and no one knows exactly what is happening, so reports can be far off. Moreover, I think the news media are completely out of control trying to one-up each other with breaking news. They are sloppy with facts and probably verge on making-up things to create a narrative they can throw up on the air for the consumption of the viewer.

Look for example at the early reporting on JFK assassination. There were only a few media outlets, they all told the same story, and it was simple.

Still, that said, when the coroner utters a logical impossibility, that is troubling. When parents are barred from seeing their dead children, that is troubling. When helicopter video and witnesses report one or two extra men being apprehended, and we never hear about them again, that is troubling. And frankly I find the internet dates troubling. Yes they can be faked and yes mistakes happen. But the SS death index is real. I looked up a bunch of my dead relatives (no one could know who they are, right?) and the index nailed their days of birth and death perfectly. How come it got AL wrong?

And let's look again at JFK. Even with the highly circumspect media of those times, and the THREE government investigations that have followed, many questions are still not answered to this day. So we can't blame "fog of war" for everything.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6493463

As for your links, I'm going there now. But honestly, the one starting with the letters S and N is bullshit with a highly liberal-media-establishment bias.

And just FYI, no I'm not a toothless redneck married to my sister nor a gun-toting prepper. I'm a Ph.D. professional in high tech living comfortably in one of the most liberal communities in America, a lifelong liberal as were both my parents, never owned a gun.

However, if you want to place a tin foil hat on my head then yes I'll admit that evil people with evil intent operate on the international stage. Some of them are "the good guys" (pro-US) and some are not. But on some level what's the difference? They do evil things for evil reasons and sometimes they do them to us. You, me, trusting hardworking Americans who love our little children and once loved a President who gave us hope. Evil people kill more than humans, they kill dreams. They kill cultures.

And people like you are their apologists.
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