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Message Subject New York Booms & Shakes Exposed! Reports 100 miles away of each other at the same time! More bullshit cover ups USGS will never admit!
Poster Handle Bending Light
Post Content
No I don't doubt that they would lie. I meant specifically about these booms being geological. Do you these activities have to with Biblical enddtime prophecy such as earthquakes in diverse places? If they are not earthquakes do you think they are being caused by artificial means such as HARP? What are you proposing is causing or the reason for this activity?

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looks like everybody is asleep.

well bump for the 17 people still on GLP this morning lol.
 Quoting: Bending Light
any theories on what it could be OP?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31781644

Ultimately people will believe what they want to believe.

This is where I am on a personal level,

Here's a start... Thread: "Booms & Shakes" Media reports are geological! New Madrid diagonal pull uptick proven! Cover up exposed! USGS owned!

I'll quote myself from that thread:

Turns out all the Booms are in fact geological and it's clear there's a connection to the New Madrid. This video:

For one small example here are two maps:
First is recent locations of "Booms" reported by the Media around the New Madrid leading up to the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Second is earthquake activity locations (2.0+) during the past week occurring around the same region.
Locations are pinned, two straight lines are drawn for visual reference.


Here are links to sources on the maps specifically:

Guthrie, Oklahoma:
[link to kfor.com]
Evensville, Indiana:
[link to www.14news.com]
[link to tristatehomepage.com]
Trumbull County, Ohio: [link to www.wkbn.com]
Jamestown, New York [link to www.wivb.com]

Spencer, Oklahoma: [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]
Marion, Illinois [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]
Hawkesbury, Canada [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]


 Quoting: Bending Light


In the hours after I posted this thread there was an Earthquake in Oklahoma (3.2) and New York (2.4) by the St. Lawrence Seaway! It even fits into the maps above!
OK- [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]
NY- [link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

This is the kind of activity I was just talking about!
New Madrid diagonal pull!

Oh Shit

 Quoting: Bending Light

AFTER I posted this information there was an earthquake in up state New York by the St. Lawrence seaway.. hitting the screenshots lines I already shown.
The New York Booms have been near the St. Lawrence seaway as well.
There is tons and tons of information but it's all in the video.

Is there a reason why I've been documenting all these media reports of Booms that have been increasing?
Yes, I made a forecast thread on Dec 24th saying they will increase.

Here is my 3 month time frame for Earth being the most severely effected by the source causing the previous pattern anomalies.

Thread: Forecast February-May 2013 for Earth Booms, 8+ quakes, Sun Agenda, Magnetic field.. all based on previous statistical history & predictions.
*** February 20th through May 20th the time frame.

* Increasing Earth Booms that I guarantee will make the mainstream news.

* There will be at least one 8+ earthquake within that time frame and the New Madrid will pick up in activity.
 Quoting: Bending Light

I was on the record saying the booms will increase along with the New Madrid picking up in activity.
Well the evidence is here.
We're still a month away from when my forecast officially starts but the signs are picking up.
Everything I work on is based on tons and tons of data btw but it's people's choice to listen to it or not.

People will believe whatever they want.
The important thing to remember is we're being PLAYED FOR FOOLS about the increasing "Booms and shakes", this thread easily proves that.
 Quoting: Bending Light

And you've yet to propose what you think is actually going on or motives for 'lies'.. Not impressed
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32203849

"yet to propose what you think is actually going on"

Well I'm not impressed you didn't read a word I wrote or watch the video where everything is explained.
It's geologic and in connection to pressure building from the New Madrid up to the St. Lawrence seaway.
I said that on that 15th in response to the Booms in NY and then on the 16 there was an earthquake in New York.
All along and near the St. Lawrence seaway.
Again my personal thoughts on "why".

I spend a lot of time and work on everything I put together and would appreciate it if people would READ before asking.
I make sure everything is documented clearly in multiple locations so I don't have to repeat everything over and over again.

You don't need to be impressed with a word I say, as I said earlier everybody will choose to believe whatever they want.
It's isn't about ME, it's about the data and the data proves we're being lied to about the increasing "Booms and shakes".

Motives for lies???

We've been lied to about carbon gasses and global warming.
Been lied to about weapons of mass destination in Iraq.
Been lied to about the Federal Reserve.
Been lied to about 9/11.
Been lied to about the banker bailout.

Shall I continue?
Until people stop blinding believing whatever they're told without question and they start demanding the truth we'll ALWAYS be lied to over and over again.

Take the Wisconsin booms last year.. for two weeks USGS maintained there have been NO EARTHQUAKES and they don't know what's going on.
It was eventually admitted by them that a tiny earthquake swarm was ongoing.
Thread: Just like Clintonville -New Brunswick town plagued for weeks by ‘earthquake swarm’ — and no one knows why

Which I don't buy either because a 1.5 earthquake shouldn't be causing houses to shake and cracks in the ground.

There is nothing that can gained by the "officials" telling us the truth, especially if they know the truth goes against their agenda or will cause panic.
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