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Message Subject New York Booms & Shakes Exposed! Reports 100 miles away of each other at the same time! More bullshit cover ups USGS will never admit!
Poster Handle Thirdeyevision
Post Content
Here in central New York, on September 26, 2011 at around 8:40 my kids were watching premiere episode of Terra Nova when we heard what we thought was a sonic boom. Rattled the windows big time. Freaked us out a bit, but the real freaky part came later when I was awakened around 1:30 am by my shaking bed. I got out of bed and nearly fell on the floor it was so strong. I could hear a low grumbling, grating sound. It must have lasted at least 2 minutes, seemed much longer. My kids slept through it, my jack russells were hiding and my cats were big eyed like me going wtf just happened! Looking at USGS the next morning, it showed Montreal as having a 4.0 at the time I felt it, and one after that. Basically, aprox. four hours after hearing the boom we experienced 4.0 quake. It was weird, not being used to these new earth changes to our area. Shift is a happening, alright. What's strange, but normal procedure anymore, is that I can't find any record of this happening when I put the information in search now. meh
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