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Message Subject Preparation for MASSIVE civil war...
Poster Handle TraderRob
Post Content
More than 7 days of food makes you a terrorist??? Didn't any of these goons have GRANDMOTHERS who did canning and stockpile food "just in case"? What the fuck is wrong with these people??????????????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32720259

You assume they think or feel like someone else. This is a mistake.

This isn't about being fair and rational, it is about getting what they want. This is also a mistake.
 Quoting: NonAlignedEntity

I am not buying into the paranoia... the goverment needs us more than we need them, now and in the future. When the times comes that 51% are on the dole and need a government check to survive, the 49% of us who pay the bills will be even more important than the 51% that take from it.
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