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Message Subject MANDELA DYING
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As far as I remember, "blacks" are the original South African natives and the "whites" are the invader colonialists who killed millions and millions of that "blacks" just for money. Am I wrong?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32630708

You are half-wrong.

Most SA blacks arrived a few years before the whites.

The indigenous population (also black, but looking VERY different) were pushed aside.

But Congoloids don't have much more right than whites to be there. Actually, in terms of climate, the white man is better suited to the country than the Congoloids.

Now, can we talk about the invader Muslamic colonialists of Constantinople now?
 Quoting: Mighty White 27944459

No, we can not talk about the invader "Muslamic" colonialists on this thread, because this thread is about SA. If you want to discuss that subject, you can start another one Maltamic friend. We can also discuss the history of Malta on that thread if you wish. Why did Knights of Malta escaped to that small island from middle east where they didn't belong for example.
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