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Message Subject OBAMA FIRES ANOTHER TOP GENERAL !! For Asking Sr. Obama officials : "Then what?" regarding Iran
Poster Handle duncog2012
Post Content
Military men are master strategist's. They spend their careers learning about not just war, but the larger strategic implications of war. You can win and still lose. You can lose and still win. Obama and his fairy winged advisors need to STFU and listen to the generals.

That way we might not end up a third world country.

An example is how the brass have been trying to tell the politicians for years that overspending will cripple us strategically, but nobody will listen to them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32642408

Isn't that above statement our MO? The reason being we don't care about winning these wars or else we would not be starting them(when was the last time we won one, Granada?lol). It is more about traumatizing the populace worldwide, spreading depleted uranium over the planet and helping companies like Halliburton, etc. turn a profit at the expense of the lives, sanity and the mental health of the world populace.

Once you see war for what it truly is you will realize that it is the most effective, destructive weapon TPTB have used against humanity over the centuries to cow us with fear and trauma and mold us into compliant(albeit extremely damaged) subject.

Every 80 minutes a veteran of a war starting with Viet Nam to present commits suicide and every day one active duty member of the military commits suicide . Think of the emotional pain they suffer and the pain they bring into their families from the trauma of war.
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