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Message Subject OBAMA FIRES ANOTHER TOP GENERAL !! For Asking Sr. Obama officials : "Then what?" regarding Iran
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
There's no need for military actions against Iran, Iran is not a threat to the US or it's allies. The Zionist terror state Israel is the aggressor and entire source of this tension and problems in the region. Granted the Iranian leadership isn't perfect, they're not going to bow down and kiss the ass of the same international community trying so hard to affect their country, their economy and their right to alternative energy. The whole Iran issue highlights the ridiculously hypocritical ideology of many Zionist regimes around the world. America, one of the countries known for invading and attacking other nations has 1000's of nuclear warheads made from plants specifically for enriching weapons grade material; Israel another constant warring country has attacked not only it's own people but Palestinians, Americans, Lebanese, Iraqi and many neighboring countries yet it's ok they have 1000's of nukes. Iran wants to stabilize their country and economy, reduce pollution and increase oil exports by reducing oil/fossil fuel driven power plants through clean nuclear power and are being accused of making weapons while the accusers are the ones making the weapons and have been making the weapons and USING them for sometime even using them on civilian populaces(Hiroshima / Nagasaki / Baghdad) that's not including the uses of depleted uranium a byproduct of enriching weapons grade uranium which has been used throughout all recent conflicts and has not only killed or severally affected US personnel using and working with the material but has led to water and crop contamination resulting in many cancers, tumors, deformities and other medical problems of the inhabitants because of the depleted uranium present in many munitions.
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paragraphs!!! try them sometime.
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