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Message Subject Was LIVE ON-AIR 'assassination attempt' a HOAX?
Poster Handle amachiavellian
Post Content
... that or they have really bad guns and gunmen ...
 Quoting: Wisconsin

It wasn't a actual firearm. It was reported to be a gas pistol that sprays pepper spray.
 Quoting: amachiavellian

if it were a HOAX they wouldnt be beating the Crap out of him ,,,, It was real , crazy stuff
 Quoting: Vaellene

Sorry, HOAX as in it really was not an "assassination attempt" since apparently a gas gun loaded with pepper spray can't be lethal.

No doubt the people doing the beating had no idea it was pepper spray.

Also - did you read the article?

"Prosecutors are now considering charging those who attacked Enimehmedov"
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