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Message Subject What is the #1 weapon of the Elite ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The delusion of freewill.
 Quoting: Richard S. 14127494

well there is much more free will in picking and choosing media than there is in the taxation model in the USA. our tax code is actually the anti-christ in that it stamps out all free will. Yours in Germany is not nearly as bad, although you are burdened with he PIIGS.

again, nobody forces me to watch aging newsbabes, or which ones. however the US IRS will put me in jail if I do not conform to their 80,000 page law. And even if I do comply, I will not be given perks like John Kerry and Mitt Romney. And both of them have the power to send the IRS with guns to kill me, even though they are the cheaters.

So I disagree with O.P. The media is not the #1 weapon of the truly elite people like warren buffet, mitt romney, bill gates, john kerry, etc.
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